About Us

About Us

yatools is developed by a group of Yaga users that want to make the experience of selling on Yaga more efficient and less time consuming.


Yaga is a great platform for smaller sellers. For larger shops, however, item management quickly becomes time consuming.

That's where yatools comes in. It is a suite of automation tools that saves time by performing certain actions on the Yaga platform automatically, on your behalf.

We have started with the simplest thing first – giving an easy way to re-add items, but it's just the first step. More stuff to come in the future.

👛Is it free?

It is free for now. All we want at this point is your feedback. Drop us a letter at .

In the future, we are thinking of introducing a Pro subscription for some advanced features.

🤝Can you trust us?

yatools is already trusted by many happy users. We don't have any incentive to steal or collect your information. This will break the trust, and we will be left with nothing, so it's not in our interest.

Our goal is to make a great product that saves sellers' time and, hopefully, is even worth paying for.

If you are hesitant about using yatools, then drop us a letter at . We will try our best to address your concerns.

👮‍♀️Is it legal to use this tool on Yaga?

Although, these kind of tools are not explicitly banned by Yaga in their terms, they are still not welcome on the platform. That said, we try out best to emulate the real user, so it's not easy for Yaga to determine whether the action is performed by you or yatools.

If you run into problems with yatools, then, please, let us know at . We will try to come up with a better solution.

🦸‍♀️Inspired by others

yatools has been inspired by Closet Tools. A similar tool for Poshmark – a platform very similar to Yaga, but for the US/Canada market.